Ripening Chamber

Ripening chamber for Banana / Mango / Guva / Papaya as per DIN Standard by

Methodology – I & Methodology II

Different fruits need different temperatures to get optimum ripening, the rough thumb rule is that the temperature for ripening will be the lowest possible temperature the fruit can withstand without injury. Generally all fruit ripening temperatures fall between 18 degcent. to 22 deg. cent.

A catalytic Ethylene generator capable of bringing ethylene levels to 400 ppm in closed rooms of 200 cu. meters is provided. This can be optionally controlled from the central microprocessor unit. For larger facilities we have developed a centralized system.

Every fruit respires and from time to time air changes are necessary as oxygen levels drop and co2 levels increase. In order to decrease co2 levels air changes are effected by a specially designed blower, which is used for ventilating.

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Pre cooling chamber

  • Our Forced Air Pre cooling chambers are designed to extract field heat from fresh fruits and vegetables . Evaporator units of these chambers are designed to suck cold air through the perforated boxes of commodity so as to attain desired temperature with in 3-4 hrs.High humidity levels are also maintained inside the chambers to retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables and also to avoid weight loss.
  • Rapid Cooling of a commodity after harvest, before or after packaging and before it is stored or moved in transit, prevents deterioration of the more perishable vegetables. The faster field heat is removed after harvest, the longer produce can be maintained in a good marketable condition. Cooling slows natural deterioration, including aging and ripening. Slows growth of decay organisms (and thereby the development of rot) and reduced wilting since water losses occur much more slowly at low temperature then  at high temp.