Mushrooms Shelf System

Dutch shelf system: Galvanized shelving including aluminum sideboards, Sideboards with round top,Witheasy and solid bottoms, including picking lorrie rail.

Mushroom House Watering System

  • 5-arm spraying tree
  • Automatic Muncko spraying unit for middle aisle.

Mushroom Machinery / Mushroom Equipment / Mushroom Growing Supplies

  • 3 pulling winches, 1-arm,
  • Ruffling machine  – Netwasher, manual type – Netwasher including brushes
  • Machine lift to attach to the shelving – Picking racks- Picking wagons
  • Picking lorries including platform- Dofra pump unit- Cable reel
  • Growing nets- Mushroom weighing scales-And other small available mushroom growing supplies
mushroom - hydrophonics (3)

Mushroom Growing Room Climate Control

    • 9 climate rooms and units
    • Used for indoor mushroom cultivation
    • For mushroom growing houses of ± 273m?
    • With frequency control
    • Including fan, heating coil, cooling coil
    • With Limbraco climate computer control system
    • For measurement of CO2, humidity, fresh etc.
    • Including steamboiler, Hocon. 92 Kw.
    • Heating boilers, 2 pcs. Type BuderusLaganagas. Cap: 130 Kw.
    • Cooling machine. Type GTI. Capacity 60 Kw.

    Including available ductwork.

  • Mushrooms Shelf System
    Type: Dutch shelf
    Width: 1,40m (between the sideboards)
    Height: 5 beds high
    Length: 19,5m
    Rows: 2 rows / growing room. Total 18 rows.

Avg Cap dia: 43 mm Avg Cap length: 9 mm Avg Stem length: 17 mm Avg Fruit body weight: 12 g Fruit body White to off white Yield : Average 20-22 kg/100 kg compost Avg Cap dia: 41.5 mm Avg Cap length: 9.3 mm Avg Stem length: 18 mm Avg Fruit body weight: 10 g Fruit body colour: Brown Yield: Average 20-25 kg/100 kg compost