SRK FROST FREEZE is a well known manufacturer and supplier of a wide spectrum of Cold Storage & Refrigeration Equipment’s in brand name of Frost FREEZE. These cold storage and Refrigeration equipment’s are ranked as the most high performing and qualitative range of products in the market.As a leading supplier of cold rooms and refrigeration plant systemscustomer  can enjoy an international reputation established over many years. Our product  also scatter to wide range  of equipment monitoring systems with best international solutions.

our vast experience and proven expertise in Cold room,  PUF panel , refrigeration system, and dairy equipments more. We are privileged to have many multi-national companies amongst our clients in our countries from design through to supply and installation and workhard  at every stage and we having technical engineers team for THERMAL ENGINEERING & REFRIGERATION – HVAC SYSTEMS

from NIIT –ANNA UNIVERSITY to give best solutions for cold storage, refrigeration systems and thermal engineering related projects.

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Our Mission
Let us redefine quality day by day, continuously  assimilating new skills to provide world-class products  and services, setting higher and higher standards for  a performance that keeps the customer oriented towards us,  the Mission of our Frost Freeze Team  with an exuberant morale
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Our Vision
Frost freeze is focused on excellenceproduct , service and in being the leader to providethe highest quality in products of  Cold  store  , thermal engineering , refrigeration hvac systems   infrastructure, ever meeting the aspirations of Investors and Employees for a Better tomorrow.
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Why Choose US!
Experience, expertise and assistance are the key components of SRK Frost Freeze service. Whether a cold room or package type refrigeration unit requirement, we can be available from the sales to the completion of your project.

What We Provide

We provide  in accordance with global standards of quality, the equipment we offer are broadly acknowledged for their superlative quality. Owing to their unique quality features, these serve extremely useful in cold storage applications. We also offer perfect customization, effective packaging and ensure timely delivery of our products according to the demands and essentialities of our clients. Meeting market demand and client specifications is top our priority.

Applications Area

  • Dairy (Milk & Milk Products, Ghee , Ice Creams), Food processing Industries,
  • Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, Seeds Storage, Horticulture, Sericulture,
  • R&D Labs, Blood Banks, Hospitals, Vegetables & Fruits Storage, Ripening Chamber etc

All Our Services

SRK Frost Freeze Technologies  private limited offers a complete line of preventative maintenance service programs. Programs range from monthly to annual services and  customized to meet each customer’s need

Once you become a customer, we should there be an emergency with our team &our service department is available round the clock and round the year

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Walk in cold room
The Walk- In-Cold Room that we offer to our clients is manufactured under the supervision of our expert personnel who guide the client’s select appropriate machines for their chilling and freezing requirements
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PUF Insulated Panel
The panels consists of two outer skins with an inner insulated core made up of self extinguishing Rigid – Polyurethane Foam with high insulation co-efficient of 60 -80 -100 -120 -150 -165-200mm thickness having  width of 1000mm and length up to 12000mm for Chiller , Freezer & Blast freezer
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These PUF INSULATED DOORS are modular in nature and CFC Free panels, Types of Door be Hindge Door / Sliding Door / Suit Door / Over Head Sectional Doors & all door are modular in nature and customised sizes and thickness
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SRK  offers split type refrigeration Units for walk-in-cold rooms. The refrigeration units are designed to suit Indian and international conditions. The range of SRK – refrigeration units are available in :

  1. 0 o C to + 8 degree C.
  2. +18 o c to +22 o c
  3. – 25 o c to – 30 o c

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Ripening Chamber
Ripening chamber for Banana / Mango / Guva / Papaya as per DIN Standard by

Methodology – I & Methodology II

Different fruits need different temperatures to get optimum ripening, the rough thumb rule is that the temperature for ripening will be the lowest possible temperature the fruit can withstand without injury.

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Pre cooling Chambers
Our Forced Air Pre cooling chambers are designed to extract field heat from fresh fruits and vegetables . Evaporator units of these chambers are designed to suck cold air through the perforated boxes of commodity so as to attain desired temperature with in 3-4 hrs.High humidity levels are also maintained inside the chambers to retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.
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